40 useful tips that will help you to lose weight

tips on how to lose weight

Dietary restrictions, sports, financial... the Essential ways to lose weight well-known of all of them, but it's a small, but helpful, tricks for several to know.

Here is a list of 40 simple and sometimes very unexpected recommendations that will help you lose the weight permanently, and with no unnecessary tension.

  1. The approximate daily intake of calories, you will not gain weight can be determined by this formula for Your weight in kilograms, divide by 0.45 and multiply by 14.
    Weight in kg : 0,45 X 14
    If you would like to stay in shape and lose weight, you do the same calculation, but instead of a real weight replace the. To observe this number is too low, you'll lose pounds — though slowly, but surely.

  2. Sprinkle with cinnamon porridge, yogurt, coffee and any other food which is a blend of the spice. It also has the ability to speed up the metabolism, and a half a teaspoon a day will help to reduce one kilo every month.

  3. If you eat at the office, don't dine at your Desk. Research has shown that sitting in front of a computer monitor or television screen, people consume an average of 250 calories more.

  4. Laugh often. 10-15 minutes of laughter every day rise in a week calorie consumption by 280 kcal.

  5. carrot juice
  6. Because of the fiber and the low content of calories of the carrot juice helps to lose weight gain of 1.8 kg for 1.5-2 months. The norm of consumption — 1 Cup (200 ml) per day.

  7. Take a calcium tablet. This trace mineral promotes the breakdown of fat and it does this process it is 2.6% more efficient.

  8. During the time in the gym training, or even simple walking listen to upbeat music that motivates you to physical exercise and it will help you to do more than that.

  9. Not to be excluded from the diet is lean red meat. Protein-rich foods help you build muscular mass and muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, even at rest.

  10. Get to the gym, the club of friends. According to the statistics, the people who are involved in sports with a group of friends, the loss of weight is about 30% stronger than the athletes themselves.

  11. Eat less salt and more of the bitter red pepper. The salt-free diet will help you to get rid of the excess fluid intake, and peppers contain the substance capsaicin, accelerates metabolism by 25%.

  12. According to a study in the British medical doctor, one of the main causes of spontaneous overeating — it's stress at work. If you are stressed sit down and take a few deep breaths, you can try the technique diaphragmatic breathing (when you inhale at the expense of the abdominal muscles). You will gradually reduce, and the will to win, your problems are going to arise.

  13. If the gym you better in the morning, before your first meal. First of all, it will speed up the metabolism for the day ahead, and in the second place, as the body will spend the energy received not from food but from your own adipose tissue.

  14. Use the soy sauce. According to a recent study, soy protein has a specific effect on our taste receptors and causes a rapid feeling of fullness.

  15. Prior to the serving of the supper on the table any larger pieces of food, it is better to cut it. This will allow you to consume around 20% less calories than the clipped portions seem to be larger than if served in one piece. And deceiving your eyes, you fool, along with the stomach.

  16. the treadmill
  17. The most effective coach, and, from the point of view of burning calories) — a treadmill. The most effective after running load-easy walking, to do what you can to get out of the gym.

  18. The perfect English Breakfast nutritionists have recognized the boiled eggs with a slice of bread or fruit. Eggs are rich in proteins, in which the body expends calories during the course of the day, and in the presence of this dish carbohydrates energize you and do not give quick hungry.

  19. Red wine prevents the formation of fat in the stomach; this effect, it provides the included in its composition a substance which is contained the grape. Just don't overdo it: one glass a day, you'll be fine.

  20. Play mellow classical music, and when you sit down to eat. Under such an escort, people would eat less of the average rate of 15-20% because chew more slowly and eat better.

  21. They look carefully. Try to chew each bite at least 25 times before sending it to the stomach. Two are associated with a positive effect is not long in coming: first of all, the food, the easier it is to digest; secondly, there is the massaging of the gums, prevention of periodontal disease.

  22. Chew sugarless gum immediately after a meal and two hours after. This will help you to deal with unmotivated hunger.

  23. Snack pomegranate. The seeds of this fruit contain a substance that prevents the formation of fat, and the sweet taste, the appetite.

  24. Cook the meat, not the pan, in the oven or on the grill (this feature is not available in most of the modern ovens). This processing method removes from the meat of any excess fat, and roast, on the contrary, he added.

  25. Green tea the caffeine in in combination with specific antioxidant, which speeds up the processing of fat into energy. In this way, regular consumption of this drink can accelerate your metabolism by nearly 20%.

  26. Replace lettuce and other greens fresh spinach. Low in calories, most fiber, which helps cleanse the digestive tract and helps the body to break down fats more efficiently.

  27. goat cheese
  28. Try goat cheese instead of the cow: it has 40% fewer calories, but they are not inferior in terms of the content of useful elements.

  29. Instead of pasta or buckwheat use as a garnish lentils or beans. Legumes also contain a lot of fiber and a special amino acid, thereby helping to prepare them well to get rid of body fat. 2,5 months to "bean diet," you can lose up to 7 pounds.

  30. In order to completely eliminate fats from your menu, you can doit, if only because they are necessary for the absorption of many essential vitamins and minerals. It is better to replace it with "healthy", in other words, rather than fat dairy and meat products, poultry, meat, Turkey, fish, flax and olive oil, eggs and nuts. Research has shown that this swapping does not only promote weight loss, but it is also extremely good for your heart.

  31. Don't skip Breakfast. The rejection of the morning meal, increasing the total daily intake of calories by about 100.

  32. Although apples stimulate the production of gastric juice and provoke an appetite, consumption of one Apple 15 minutes before lunch or dinner reduces the total calorie content of your food for 150-200 per day. Scientists explain this effect of apples are rich in fiber.

  33. Salad dressing, olive oil, a diet of dry fruits. When we consume olive oil, the body produces a special protein, and it "tells" our brains that the hunger is appeased. In this way, you will suppress the rest of the the appetite and prevent overeating.

  34. Tomatoes contain a rare component that inhibits the body's manufacture of a hormone of hunger. To feel its effect, simply add a few slices to your dinner party, put on a sandwich, or morning eggs.

  35. A good interval between meals — 3 hours. If you wait until the next snack or meal longer, the blood glucose level begins to jump, metabolism goes astray, and you are in the risk of an attack on the food and overeat.

  36. Add the meat and vegetable dishes of peppers. Of calories, which is almost there, but there are a lot of vitamin C, is essential for the processing of food into energy.

  37. Along with the olive oil, salads can be filled with regular vinegar, or sauces based on it. It contains an acid, which speeds up the decomposition of fats and assist you lose weight.

  38. food on the move
  39. Don't eat on the go. Sitting at the table, a man eating 30% less.

  40. To be eaten by those who eat it a little bit. As the psychologists say, people unconsciously compare the size of their servings, with lunch, next-door neighbor, and the setting of them. Therefore, the women eat with the men, usually I spend about 20-35% more than usual. But eating a couple with a girl, has the opposite effect.

  41. Don't fall into the chair, immediately after the fitness or other intense workload, however you you you you tired. Easy walk for 15-20 minutes will continue the process of decomposition of fat deposits and sudden stop, on the contrary, it will reduce the effect of your efforts to a minimum.

  42. Energy drinks are in a 4-8 times high in calories and coffee, and has contributed to a sharp increase in the level of glucose in the blood stream. So if you have a cafe, at once, to speed up your metabolism and will help in the fight against obesity, cupping, energy, conversely, can cause the appearance of excess weight.

  43. Do not drink packaged fruit juices: they contain too much sugar, and a relatively large number of calories (40-60, 100 ml). The caloric value of fresh is about the same, but they contain easily digestible sugars and more fiber.

  44. In the skimmed milk is almost 2 times less calories, than usual, but the same amount of calcium and phosphorus, which increase the processing of fat in the cells. In addition, milk fat is harmful for the heart and the blood vessels and leads to an increase in the level of cholesterol.

  45. Even if you are very tired, never neglect your sex life. Having sex burns 150 calories in 20 minutes and helps produce a special hormone that speeds up metabolism.

  46. Cut the bread, sausage and cheese, a thin, transparent slices. You have to trick visual in your stomach.

  47. It organizes once a week a fish day. The body's need for vitamin D, you will be covered for the whole of Sunday. The fish, with the exception of some species, low in fat and saturates it. Marine fish also lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood stream.

  48. Dried fruits should always be in your own home, for example, prunes, dried apples. In between meals, if you feel a strong hunger, you should eat 3-4 plums, or as many pieces of the apple.

  49. Rice contains very little sodium (liquid binding on the body, but also a lot of potassium (disable it). If it's at least once a week, you will be satisfied with your rice for a day (you can add it to just be neutral, or alkaline mineral water, but not oil!), you will lose up to 1 kg of the body weight of the fluid, and the end-products of metabolism.

Wanting to get rid of excess weight, all the women are looking for fast ways to lose weight. However, we also need to remember that losing weight is hard work, both physically and mentally. In order to facilitate this laborious process, the use of the following tips you will be able to get effective results.