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Keto Eat&Fit - General characteristics and information

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20 pieces /pack.


for weight loss

Keto Eat&Fit - it can be a way to lose weight without dieting and heavy physical exertion. In addition to making daily use of the capsules helps you to lose weight by 3-7 kg on a Sunday, but it also has a General healing effect, gives strength and vitality, gives energy, and improves your mood.

Also, please keep in mind that the Keto Eat&Fit equally effective for both men and women. Beware of imitations. Buy original capsules in Canada only on the official site.

The main active ingredient - bhb complex;*.

An additional part of the herbal components, coffee, extract of guarana, vitamin D.

*bhb complex; - a safe organic compound that blocks absorption of consumed carbohydrates, it starts the process of burning fat as energy.

The capsules bhb complex for weight loss Keto Eat&Fit - the testimony

The extra weight and would like to have an ideal shape, the thickness at any level, and you need to get rid of those extra pounds in order to prevent the development of cardiovascular and other diseases, have to "dry" on the body fat you to build muscle mass. The capsules bhb complex for weight loss is safe and effective for each and every event. The application Keto Eat&Fit burns body fat, eliminates cellulite, it removes it from the body of excess water and to eliminate the swelling on the face, legs, and arms, improves metabolism and overall digestive tract functioning, suppresses the appetite and helps to establish the habit of snacking less and eating smaller amounts of food.

how to use the capsules with the bhb complex for weight loss Keto Eat and meet

The instructions on how to use weight-loss capsules

To use the capsules Keto Eat&Fit a lot of the simple. Enough for a drink of water, 100-150 ml. In addition, it is recommended to drink it in the course of using the capsules up to two litres of water a day, evenly between each of them. A daily dose of you to lose up to 3-7 pounds per week, or three capsules, one before each of main meals (morning, lunch and in the evening). However, the rate of application can be increased by up to two weeks or more, depends on the amount of excess weight.

Not allowed to use capsules as a prevention of a repeat of weight gain. In this case, the dose can be reduced to one capsule per day, length of use with no limitations.

It is important for you to know! There are the contraindications. The capsules bhb complex for weight loss Keto Eat&Fit you do not need to be taken during the time of severe illness, including anorexia and bulimia, any kind of, as well as the girls and women during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Capsules, for persons under 18 years of age, in co-ordination with the pediatrician.